Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rusty Glaze's Bday Party

A few week's ago Sawyer got invited to the Golden State Paintball Big Game and Rusty Glaze's birthday party. They were held at the same time at the scenario paintball field at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA. Todd Martinez was also there for part of the day and was heard yelling "get som" often. It was a long day of playing and TOTALLY fun. Sawyer said it was nice to take a break from the turf fields and just go play in the woods. He had a total BLAST and usually chose to be on Rusty's team and play against his dear old dad. In one game, Rusty and Sawyer were pushing hard down their left side of a hill type field - the two of them leading the charge on that side for their team - and dad got shot at the same time by both Rusty and Sawyer - which turned out to be great because I sat back and watched the two of them push all the way up and destroy the rest of my team from a high slope and win the game. Even though it was Rusty's bday they had a few raffles and Sawyer won big - an Empire Jersey that almost fits and a Halo loader and a few microfibers. The last picture is him holding up the gear. The top left is Sawyer popping out to shoot down the left line of the field while Rusty directed from inside the shack. The top right pic is during a game and Rusty (hand on Sawyer's shoulder) giving him the green light to push up. Middle left is a pic of Sawyer and Rusty before a game. Middle right is of the two of them after the games were over.

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