Sunday, November 15, 2009

Max'd Kidz practice for RPL Finale

WHAT A DAY!!! The Kidz went 15-0 all day - taking on every team throughout the day and winning every game in the process. There was one close call when the Kidz were down 2 on 4 - but they fought back to win it - keeping the two alive in the process and the unbeaten streak as well. A really amazing day of practice and play. The Kidz really gelled and playing together more and more is really starting to pay off on the field in the Win-Loss column. Everyone was super excited as the day went on and the wins kept coming. This is the big boost of confidence the team needs heading into the RPL tournament next weekend at Camp Pendleton. Brandon has been a great fit to the team and just in time as Kevin has injured his ankle and will have to sit out the event (but he will be in the pits helping out). Pictured above top left Kyle moving down the tape to bunker the last player for the win, top right James looking ultra cool shooting from a bunker, middle left Sawyer laying paint from back center, middle right the Furman brothers, bottom left Larry between games messin' around

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