Monday, August 31, 2009

Our weekend playing paintball, Ironmen practice and hanging with Nicky C

We had a great weekend. We played at Velocity in Ramona (if anyone ever trys to tell you this is San Diego they are LYING to you). Saturday was bacically a day of rec ball and learning a new field. We left OC early and were there and geared up and playing by 10. We played all day in temperatures over 110 degrees. After a hard day of play, we headed into the real San Diego to hang out with Nicky Cuba. Nicky's mom and brother were visiting from the east coast so we all headed out to eat dinner downtown (incl Nicky's girlfriend Melissa and friend Kia, like the car). We made it back to Nicky's after ice cream just in time to see the Sea World firework show. Sawyer spent the rest of the night playing with the dogs (Button is small and Mongo is stinkin' HUGE) and playing Call of Duty on the Xbox while the grown ups hung out by a fire outside. The next morning came early. After showers and donuts were were headin back to Velocity again. Today the Ironmen practiced snap shooting, 1-1's and some running drills and Sawyer had a blast doing them all - well, he was pretty nervous about the 1-1's. Can't wait to go to another practice someday.

Pictures of Sawyer from Velocity and the Ironmen practice

Helping set up the fields for practice. And a few of us playing some rec ball - or Sawyer playing some rec ball anyway!

Video 9 of 9 - Wind sprints to end the Ironmen practice

Video 8 of 9 - Drills and it was HOT HOT HOT

Viedo 7 of 9 - Drills Drills Drills at Ironmen practice

Video 6 of 9 - Sawyer running more drills at Ironmen practice

Video 5 of 9 - Sawyer running drills at Ironmen practice

Video 4 of 9 - Sawyer vs Nicky Part 2

Video 3 of 9 - Sawyer vs Nicky Cuba Part 1

Video 2 of 9 - Ironmen Practice

Video 1 of 9 - Nicky at practice

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sawyer gets bunkered at SC Village night games

7 on 7 at SC Village August 7 2009 night games - shadows were horrible and makde it impossible to see when playing and even worse to video - his team didn't let him know they were picked off one by one so he gets bunkered good - you should see his back - and anyway - who bunkers a 10 year old that hard anyway - he had a good night though - the next game I should have filmed too - he was on the wrong side of a 3 on 1 - and picked off the other two before getting a gun shot to get knocked out - but he almost pulled it off - sooooooo cool

Sawyer playing 2 on 2 at SC Village

Night Games at SC Village

Aug 7, 2009 SC Village Night Games - Shadows were real bade with only 1 set of lights on and made it real hard to play and even harder to video or take pics - here are the few that came out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pics of Sawyer's room

Pics of Sawyer's and his brother's room. First is the wall opposite the beds full of posters (2 Oliver posters and banner, Thomas Taylor, Dynasty poster) and all kinds of cool stuff (Nicky's goggle straps, Clone Wars patches, gloves from Arsenal HB 2009 USPL). 2nd pic is above the window with a Nicky poster, HK Posters, Nicky's old Nuskool stickered lenses. The jersey's are above the top bunk (Sawyer's). Jersey's are (right to left) Chicago Legend, Ironmen, Nicky Cuba. Sawyer is always willing to accept any new donations :-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sawyer's fingers FLYING on the trigger at camp

Dye's I4 commercial featuring Sawyer's little sister

OK - not really their commercial - but it could be. Check out the just turned two year old little sister shooting a Proto PMR and wearing Dye's I4's. And her dad trying to get her to shoot lefy too...although she still uses the right hand. And speaking of the right hand - all that white gauze is how her dad wrapped it up after she grabbed a cactus earlier in the day - but she wasn't going to let no stinkin cactus stop her. Listen to the very end of the video for sure.

Paintball Camp Layout

Sawyer shooting on the run

Sawyer at Nana and Papa's paintball camping trip. Practicing switching hands and shooting lefty while on the run.

Sawyer Left Hand Shooting

Sawyer at Nana and Papa's paintball camping trip. Practicing switching hands and shooting lefty.

Nicky Cuba At USPL Part 2

Part 2 of 2

Nicky Cuba at USPL

Part 1 of 2

Sawyer running the D3 field at USPL

Since we were going to be playing that night on the center court during night games he wanted to practice running the field (same layout) during the day

Paintball Camp Pics

Little bro and Sawyer loading their hoppers and getting ready to attack the bunkers. One of Papa getting in on the action and one of Sawyer having some fun with a Kingman pistol.

Paintball Camp Pics

More pics from camp. A few of Sawyer doing his morning workout with dad to get stronger for paintballing using a lightweight resistence rubberband. Loading the hoppers to play. Writing in his journal - which dad makes him do everyday on every trip. And one of Sawyer and one of his little bros on the Go Kart.

Paintball Camp Pics

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we did a camping/paintball trip to Nana and Papa and Uncle Don's in Banning. Dad surprised Sawyer with his new team jersey and head wrap. We camped out, cooked out and played paintball and did lots of other camping activities and some other fun things like ride the go kart. It was Sawyer, Dad, 2 little brothers, little sister, dog (Dagney), Nana, Papa and Uncle Don. Above two of the pics are of JP and Sawyer shooting in San Fran Explicit T's, a team we met at the last USPL tourney.