Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few fun pics from playing today

Dad was not very good with the camera today - but here are a few fun pics - 2 of Sawyer knocked out cold after playing at SC Village today - and 1 of the welts on his back when we got home - today was one of those days - gun after gun kept breaking, nothing seemed to go right, total chaos day - but we pushed thru and had a fun time together.

Sawyer on field in mask interview at SC

Another interview at SC with Sawyer

More Sawyer playing at SC

More SC Village - Same outcome

Sawyer interview at SC Village

Sawyer entertains his dad with an interview between games at SC Village

Sawyer Playing at SC Village

Sawyer has great breakout - trips moving up over a sandbag - makes it to bunker safe - snaps a few shots - get hit

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great Kenny Rosenberg clip

Great Ollie footage and video

7 minute awesome video of the best player EVER

Brandon Short dominates the snake

This is an awesome video of Brandon Short killing everyone everytime and rockin the snake


This is where Sawyer and Dad play most of the time.

Ollie Lang and Sawyer

Oliver and Sawyer in the player area at the USPL HB 2009 after he played as a guest for DC Arsenal - and they won it all!!! Check out the Ironmen hat and shirt Sawyer was wearing. Thanks to Stacy and Mark "Too Tall" of HK Army for getting us back there for the final day.


From NPPL HB 08 in fan area. Sawyer was rockin' them. First day with his new Spyder marker - a VS1 - still with a gravity loader.

More Clone Wars pics

Pics from first day playing 2007

These are a few pics of the first time Dad and Sawyer played together. Our first day was at SC Village. Sawyer's first marker was a Spyder Victor with a 9 oz co2 tanks and a gravity loader.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ollie Lang Best Move

Does it seem like he has eyes in the back of his head and just runs the field like there is no one else on it?

Ollie Lang Tribute

The Coolest Paintball Ad Ever - BSHORT Rocks

Click the link below to see the coolest Dye ad ever - Sawyer is constantly practicing trying to get that hand switch down like BShort. AWESOME!!!

Chicago Legend

This is the team that Sawyer will be pitting for at the USPL West Coast Open being held at SC Village in Corona in late July. The Chicago Legend.

Clone Wars Pics

Here are a few pics of us at the Clone Wars Scenario Game at Camp Pendleton. It was a super fun event! We're pretty sure that Sawyer was the youngest one there, as usual. This was the first time playing with his newest marker - a 2009 Proto SLG with a flame drop forward and a new stubby carbon fiber tank.

Nicky Cuba

Nicky Cuba was at the Clone Wars Scenario Game at Camp Pendleton. He was playing against us for the Republic. We were the bad guys - The Separatists. Nicky gave Sawyer his Nu Skool goggle strap after he was done playing and Sawyer taught Nicky and Matty Marshal (not pictured) his paintball handshake.