Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Press Release for Max'd Kidz after USPL Las Vegas

October 21, 2009

Laguna Hills, CA

Max'd Kidz is pleased to announce a new sponsor after reaching the 5 man Division 4 Quarterfinals at the US Paintball League World Championships in Las Vegas, NV. The event was held October 16-18 on the strip at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.

Hollywood Sports Paintball Park (www.hollywoodsports.com) has signed on to support Max'd Kidz for the 2010 season. Max'd Kidz will also have use of SC Village through the sponsorship.

Max'd Kidz was the youngest team in the competition in Las Vegas and created quite a stir with their coach, professional paintball player Nicky Cuba. Featuring the youngest player to suit up at a National Event in recent memory (Sawyer Smith at 10 years old) the team surprised everyone by making it out of the prelims on Friday and Saturday and into the Quarterfinals on Sunday.

Max'd Kidz roster includes 4 players under 16 years old.

"We are really happy to have Hollywood Sports as a sponsor," said Smith. "Now we have a place to practice and get better. We are going to be even better next year."

Max'd Kidz plans to play in all 4 USPL events in the 2010 season as well as the RPL, Bear's Cup and a few other local tournaments.

"It was great of (Hollywood Sports) to recognize the kids," said Cuba. "I see a lot of talent there and want to help cultivate it. I really enjoy coaching them. With the added support now there is no limit to what these kids can do."

The team was formed only a few weeks before the tournament and practiced together only three times. They plan on staying together for the upcoming season. Cuba (nicky-cuba.com) offered to coach the team as a way to expose younger players to the tournament scene. "This is a great opportunity to get younger players more involved in our sport,” said Cuba. “Most tournaments at the National level only feature more established teams and players, but venues like Las Vegas are a perfect place for players, both young and old, to get their feet wet in the tournament scene.”

Max'd Kidz will start their 2010 season on January 16th at a tournament in Lemore located in Central California.

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