Monday, October 12, 2009

Dad's proud moment of Sawyer playing

Last weekend the Max'd Kidz team held their final practice before the USPL Las Vegas World Championships. Sawyer played one of his greatest games ever. Down in the game 3-2 (Max'd Kidz had 2) Sawyer pushed up from the back center on the right side. Chris was holding down 2 players on the left side of the field. Sawyer shot a guy out at the 50 center to even the game 2 players each. The he pushed into the snake on the right side of the field and moved up to the 50 where he popped up and got one more kill on the other snake side of the field (2nd picture is of that of that kill). This allowed Chris to start moving up and pinching in the back corner player. Sawyer pushed up to the end of the snake and started to gun battle with the back left corner. MK were up 2-1 players now. Instead of continuing to snap shoot - he got low - duck around the end of the snake and shot the back left player out on his pod pack. (that is the first picture above) IT WAS AWESOME. 3 G's BABY!!! Everyone was going nuts!!! PROUD PROUD DAD ON THE FIELD!!!

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