Monday, February 22, 2010

Max'd Kidz wins RPL season opener

TOP LEFT - Max'd Kidz getting the FIRST PLACE trophy at the RPL. TOP RIGHT - Nicky Cuba working with the guys a little after the event, MIDDLE LEFT - Sawyer and Kevin waiting for the awards ceremony to start, MIDDLE RIGHT - Larry and Brandon waiting for the awards ceremony to start, BOTTOM LEFT - Shawn Walker at the awards ceremony


What an amazing weekend. So much has happened since mid December with them team and paintball it felt great to just get out and play again. Look for more updates in the coming days about team members, sponsors and schedule. The team for this tournament consisted of Sawyer, Larry, Kevin and Brandon as usual but Sawyer's Dad, Dan, filled the 5th spot. It was Dan's first tournament appearance ever.
The event has held at Shawn Walker's Tournament Fields at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA. Max'd Kidz as normal dropped the first game of the event to the Marine Carnage team who out hustled them and out played them. However, the Kidz turned it around in game 2, rolling over their opponent with all 5 players staying alive and Sawyer running in the flag for the win. The Kidz then rolled off wins in games 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, before losing game 8 to G squad. That ment game 9 was a tie breaker against Marine Carnage and game 10 was a tie breaker against G squad. The Kidz pulled it together and won both to end the day with an 8-2 record in games, a 4-0 record in match play.
The 4-0 record gave them the #1 seed going into Sunday and a First Round bye. In the Semi-Finals they faced another marine team who played them tough but Max'd Kidz won back to back games to earn their first trip to a paintball tournament Finals. There they faced G Squad again and had to play really tough games. Brandon's gun went down at the end of the first game and the team was lucky enough to have Nicky Cuba there to help out. Since Cuba had recently joined the Infamous squad he was shooting a Bob Long Victory which he was able to loan Brandon for game 2. Brandon is the most superstitious player ever and shoots a Victory as well, so he refused to play with anything but another Victory. Once the gun settings were changed the Kidz took the field again.The Kidz ended up winning two hard fought battles against G Squad and Sawyer delivered the winning flag in the 2nd game to seal the First Place position for Max'd Kidz.
At the awards presentations Walker mentioned a brewing rivalry between the Kidz and G Squad. But don't count out Carnage yet. They rolled over Max'd kidz to start the tournament and ended up taking Third Place overall.
Max'd Kidz is looking forward to a great season of paintball and is exciterd about the way it has started.
Don't forget to check back to the blog soon for updates you won't want to miss.

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