Monday, December 7, 2009

Toys for Tots Tourney at Hollywood Sports

Photos then story - Pic 1 the team hanging out between games. Pic 2 Sawyer playing toss the paint in the trash can between games. Pics 3 and 4 our player area and sponsor banners. Pic 5 the team in front of all the toys we were donating with our sponsor banners.
OK - Story.
Saturday, Dec 5, 2009 at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in Bellflower, CA. Toys for Tots charity event to assist families in need this holiday season.
When we registered we thought we would be playing in a low division, however the organizers decided to make it an Open at the last minute which meant about 5 minutes after getting to the event we realized we had zero chance of winning and were just going to have a good time at the tourney. How did we know - we realized Open ment we were playing against players on throw together teams who normally play for Aftermath, Blast, etc. We might be a pretty good D4 team - but reality is reality. But that was ok. We were going to have a fun day. And we were going to have our hands full playing much better teams than we normally do.
Game 1 was against a very good D3 team and they rolled us pretty good. Someday we will lose those 1st game gitters. Game 2 was against a D4 team, our only D4 team of the day as it would trun out - and we rolled them, which was great for team morale after the thumping we got in Game 1. Game 3 was against a D3 team and we just missed our shot at an upset, Sawyer losing in the last 45 seconds in a 1 on 1. He learned several lessons from that game. Game 4 was a heartbreaker as we were playing a really good D3 team and lost in the final minute in another 1 on 1 with Kevin. He shot the other player in the chest, refs missed it. Kevin then got shot out. Refs saw the big paint mark and shell pieces on his chest during the flag check but were convinced by that player that he had gotten the paint by diving on a ball and breaking it. Good for that guy for thinking on his feet and getting the win for his team, but we needed that win to advance so it kind of stunk for us but the refs can't see everything. Game 5 was against a really really good D3 team who was 4-0 going into the game. We won again, even after another very questionable call helped them and hurt us - Kevin again in a 1 on 1 in the final minute but winning this time by leaving no doubt for the refs (Paint, Goggles - Awesome). So we finished 2-3 but were sooooooo close to 4-1 and a spot to play in the Quarterfinals. We would have probably gotten battered, but it would have been fun to play some pros in a charity tourney.
Mike Hinman stopped by our area when we were packing up and chatted for a bit and all the Kidz thought that was really cool. (The WCPPL has released their 2010 schedule at
So all in all it was a fun event for a good cause that we learned lots from, again. There is so much to learn on the tourney scene. We just keep learning and learning. Thanks to all those who give support. And as someone once said - to all he haters out there, you know who you are - thanks as well. Without you guys our team wouldn't have as many examples as who to strive NOT to be like. Peace out!

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