Monday, September 14, 2009

Beat Down City Tour by Thomas Taylor - Last stop on the tour was in Oceanside at Camp Pendleton - a 2 day clinic. We got to go and it was awesome. Learned a bunch. I mean a whole bunch. The next 5-6 posts below this one are pictures and YouTube links from the weekend. We learned that Dad can't snap shoot worth a darn, Sawyer is awesome left handed, how to slide correctly in different ways, the proper technique to REALLY shoot a lane - the list goes on and on. We also had a bunch of fun with contests and seeing other players out there - Ironmen was practicing for the World Cup and Sawyer got to jump in a small game with them. Thomas had fun contests like the speed feed bob, pictured below, where you had to bob for speed feeders in a TON of broken paint. Dad won that event and the sprint contest later in the day - almost beating Thomas (he won by 6 inches). We won some great prizes and had a fantastic time. Thomas is a great player and teacher and really takes care of the fans. He stopped to have dinner with us (His wife Tiffany and friend Freddy as well) on his way up north last night and we had a great time getting to know more about one another.
Oh yeah - Sawyer had long hair on Day 1 and we shaved it down to a mohawk and painted it green for Day 2. For even more videos on the clinic - Thomas has a YouTube channel - BeatdownCityTour - you should check out - his first webisode on the tour just aired today. It's really funny. If you have never gone to a pro clinic - you really need to. There is so much to be learned from these guys.

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