Monday, August 31, 2009

Our weekend playing paintball, Ironmen practice and hanging with Nicky C

We had a great weekend. We played at Velocity in Ramona (if anyone ever trys to tell you this is San Diego they are LYING to you). Saturday was bacically a day of rec ball and learning a new field. We left OC early and were there and geared up and playing by 10. We played all day in temperatures over 110 degrees. After a hard day of play, we headed into the real San Diego to hang out with Nicky Cuba. Nicky's mom and brother were visiting from the east coast so we all headed out to eat dinner downtown (incl Nicky's girlfriend Melissa and friend Kia, like the car). We made it back to Nicky's after ice cream just in time to see the Sea World firework show. Sawyer spent the rest of the night playing with the dogs (Button is small and Mongo is stinkin' HUGE) and playing Call of Duty on the Xbox while the grown ups hung out by a fire outside. The next morning came early. After showers and donuts were were headin back to Velocity again. Today the Ironmen practiced snap shooting, 1-1's and some running drills and Sawyer had a blast doing them all - well, he was pretty nervous about the 1-1's. Can't wait to go to another practice someday.

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